Your Drinking Problem


Having a drinking problem does not necessarily mean that an individual is an alcoholic.

It does mean, however, that the person engages in abusive drinking.

One of the significant things to remember about drinking problems is that seeing your doctor or healthcare provider for an evaluation of your drinking behavior is always an intelligent course of action to take.


Should All Problem Drinkers Get Alcohol Treatment?

Why is this? Some people have the mistaken belief that alcoholics are the only "problem drinkers" who need professional alcohol treatment.

For a number of reasons, this viewpoint is totally incorrect.

Virtually everyone who is an alcohol abuser would be wise to get appropriate alcohol treatment or counseling if for no other reason so that his or her drinking problem does not escalate into alcohol dependency.

Here's another critical point about drinking problems that is infrequently discussed.

One of the defining characteristics of alcohol dependency is the elaborate system of denial that alcoholics develop.

Indeed, their level of denial is so firmly entrenched that many alcoholics claim with conviction that they don't have a drinking problem and that they are in total control of their drinking behavior.

If you engage in abusive, excessive, and hazardous drinking, why not get treatment for your problem drinking before virtually every aspect of your life is adversely affected by your drinking?

From another perspective, why get to the point where your logical skills and your reasoning ability are seriously impaired by your alcohol-induced denial system?

In other words, why let your alcohol abuse continue and risk becoming an alcoholic?

Why not consider getting alcohol treatment so that you can reclaim your life?


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